South Korea and North Korea Talk About Artillery

South Korea and North Korea Talk About Artillery

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Hello, little friends! Today, we have a story about two countries, South Korea and North Korea. Something loud happened near the sea, and we want to understand what’s going on. It’s like when you hear thunder during a rainy day and wonder what’s making that sound.

South Korea : The Big Sea Between Friends

South Korea and North Korea are like friends who live close to each other but sometimes don’t agree. There is a big sea between them, and today we will talk about something that happened near that sea.

South Korea and North Korea Talk About Artillery

Artillery from North Korea

North Korea, which is to the north of South Korea, made very loud noises. They fired more than 200 rounds into the sea near islands that belong to South Korea. It’s like when you play with toy cannons, but this time it happened in the real sea.

A Flashpoint Near the Islands

These islands are called Baengnyeong and Yeonpyeong, and they are like homes for some people. But sometimes, things happen near them, and everyone gets worried.

A Disputed Border

There is something called the Northern Limit Line (NLL), like an invisible line in the sea. Both countries don’t always agree on where this line should be. It’s like when you and your friend argue about where to draw a line on paper.

South Korea : What Happened Today

The rounds from the cannons fell north of this line, which means they went a bit too far. Thankfully, no one got hurt, and that’s good news.

What South Korea Said

South Korea, which is to the south of North Korea, didn’t like what happened. They said it was a “provocative act.” It’s like when someone does something to make others worried or upset.

Keeping Peace and No Harm

South Korea wants peace and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. They are talking about what happened to make sure everyone is safe and happy.

South Korea’s Turn

To show that they are strong and can protect their friends, South Korea’s decided to have their own exercise near the sea. It’s like when you practice playing a game to become really good at it.

Going to Safe Places

People who live on Yeonpyeong island were told to go to safe places when South Korea’s did their exercise. It’s like when your mom or dad tells you to stay inside when it’s raining outside.

Feelings of Worry and Care

Everyone is talking about their feelings. South Korea’s wants to make sure everyone is safe, and North Korea’s may want to talk about why they did what they did. It’s important to talk about feelings with friends.

Conclusion: Hoping for Calm Seas

So, little pals, that’s the story of the loud noises near the sea. Let’s hope both countries can talk and make the sea calm again. Just like when you talk with your friends after a little disagreement and everything becomes happy again. Wishing for calm seas for everyone!

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