Mobile Legends Karrie: Guide in Mobile Legends

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If you play Mobile Legends and run into Karrie, it can be really annoying at times. You can see that she is a very good shot when she is a hero, and her true damage skills can take out even the strongest enemies. But don’t worry! There is a group of brave people who can stop her from carrying out the attack. The next thing we need to do is look at the three strongest heroes that can beat Karrie and give you a chance to win the game.

Mobile Legends Karrie: Lunox, the Dark Magician, has shown up.

Lunox is one of the heroes you will want on your side when you are fighting Karrie. Because she can change between light and dark forms, she can hurt people while they are fighting without being seen. Chaos Assault, her ultimate, does a lot of damage, and if you time it just right, it could kill Karrie very quickly. Because of this and the fact that her ability Brilliance can heal her, she is very hard to beat when Karrie attacks her.

Mobile Legends Karrie: Harith, as “The Time Traveller,”

Karrie players will have a hard time when they meet Harith because he can move quickly and do a lot of damage at once. Because he has the Zaman Force ability, he can join and leave fights very quickly, which makes it hard for Karrie to land her shots consistently. His best ability, Chrono Dash, lets him do a lot of damage while being almost impossible to hit. This gives him the upper hand in fight. If you have Harith on your side, Karrie will never be able to win.

It’s called Pharsa, which means “the wings of anger.”

Hero Pharsa is another rival who has a chance of beating her, along with Karrie. Pharsa can poke from afar because she is a witch, which makes it hard for Karrie to get close to her. Karrie needs to change her plan because her final and most powerful attack, Wings by Wings, does a lot of damage over a large area. Since Pharsa can fly, Karrie will have a hard time hitting her. This is because she can move quickly while flying.

Karrie will lose in the end.

Now you are fully ready! If you ever play Mobile Legends and come up against Karrie. You should remember these three heroes: Lunox, Harith, and Pharsa. The different skills and ways of playing that they have mean that they can turn the tide of battle. In your favour and lead your side to SLOT GACOR MALAM INI victory. Which of these heroes will you choose to show Karrie who the real boss is?