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A Great Gift that Lasts for Kids by Great Gifts Across America

We were so honored to be interviewed by Anne Johnston of Great Gifts Across America as part of her "Great Gift of The Week" series! 

Read more about our interview below and of course, watch the video!

Do you ever wonder how companies come up with their names? When I saw a sign that said “manny and simon” in a toy company’s booth at the NY Now Show, I asked if there was a story behind their name.

Eden Yaskil, one of the owners, smiled broadly and quickly explained that the company is named for her two inspirational grandfathers, Manny, a farmer, and Simon, a firefighter.

In addition to the intriguing company name, something else got my attention: a vast array of colorful wooden toys, painted in traditional primary colors and—to my surprise— pink, turquoise, purple, and bright green.

All the toys, including unpainted ones, are designed to stimulate a young child’s imagination and sense of play.

An additional feature—a critically important one-- is the company’s meticulous attention to product safety. Beginning with the design of “safety-conscious ergonomic shapes,” the toys are made from chemical-free wood (maple), and the paints are non-toxic with zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) and zero carcinogens.

Manny and Simon offers a wide range of wooden toys for children ages three months; six months; nine months; one-year-old; and three-years-old.

Ages three-months+: wood shakers and teethers in seven whimsical designs.

Ages six-months+: painted push toys (a bird, giraffe, duck, dino, lamb, elephant, alpaca, cat, horse, and four painted bunnies), trucks and cars.

Ages nine-months+: push carts and strollers.

Ages one year+ : trucks (fire truck,
recycling truck, dump truck, and tow truck), a loader, helicopter, horse-and-(pink) carriage, mini-buggy, mini city vehicles and vehicles, and train sets.

Ages 3 years+: vehicle play sets with wooden peg people, and wooden banks (taxi, elephant, pig, and octopus).

. . . . and this may not be the complete list of the wooden toys made in the USA by Manny and Simon.

I recommend that you see the entire collection of colorful, classic wooden toys on Manny and Simon’s website.


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